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TOP 10  "World Of Warcraft Guide" Review
- Updated: 21st April , 2008

Ultimate WoW Guide

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide


Ultimate WoW Guide offers the best value with comprehensive and informative content. It is web based so its easy to navigate and allows you to find the best tips you're looking for. They live up to their promise of updating the site during the expansion.  I find their leveling guide easier for me to read in comparison to the standard step-by-step guide from other sites.  For one purchase it comes with
- TBC 1-70 leveling guide for Horde and Alliance,
- 1-375 Leveling Profession guide,
- Gold Guide for Specific Class and Profession, earn up to 200g/hour
- TBC Class Talent Guide
- 60-70 Loot Guide
- 10-60 Loot Guide
- TBC Macro Guide
By being easy to navigate and fast email support makes this site my #1 pick.

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Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides


Zygors Horde & Alliance Leveling Guides for World of Warcraft are written in a step-by-step format, eliminating your frustration when trying to figure out where to go next. Each guide is 300 pages and come with a Map addon that displays informative dots on your world map. Zygors Leveling Guides also display easy-to-read, detailed instructions on where to go and what to do.

Zygor's Guides offers an excellent discount for buying both Alliance and Horde guides.

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WoW Mastery

Warcraft Wealth


This guide is the fact that it's very well structured and it has zero fluff. It's aimed only at making gold.

The "noob" part shows the easiest ways to make gold at a low level. The "advanced" part presents some cutting-edge techniques for making gold fast (even Wayne's personal method that made him 5,124g in 22 hours).

Plus, this guide includes some insider secrets about Auction House (2 videos) that many level players never heard about.

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WoW Gold Secrets

WoW Gold Secrets


Written by Luke Brown this book is the original Gold Guide that started it all. In publication for nearly 3 years. WoW Gold Secrets is a massive guide, about 220 pages long and has a ton of gold making info in it. It features many little secrets tips and tricks.

I find their special Gold Newsletter particulary useful when there's hot gold tip that you got to know quickly before it is common knowledge.

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Team iDemise

Team iDemise Leveling Guide


The Team iDemise 1-70 Leveling Guides was Developed by a team of professional gamers, these guides are very professionally made, comes with special MapMod v2 that will show quest location in your map.

Alliance and Horde guide are available to purchase seperately but unfortunately they don't offer you any discount for buying both Alliance and Horde while Zygor Guide's does.

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Valkor Gold

Valkor Gold Making Guide


This book focuses entirely on gold making and Valkor is definitely the master. The book is filled with over 120 pages of detailed guide of gold farming. One of my favourite features is that it covers gold making for each professions, and it also cover a lot of lower level farming (handy when you're new to WOW and don't know how to earn your first mount)

This book is very easy to follow, easy to read and professionally done with great screenshots.

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Warcraft Riches

Warcraft Riches


I was shocked to see a video of 27,000g in his bag, but this could have a been a fake video, you never know for sure.

Dereks Gold Guide has about 110 pages of your standard gold guide, but the main highlight is the auction house strategy that he claims to have earn all his masses. I feel that the guide needs to be a bit more detailed as some explainations are a bit short. and using his techniques can be a bit hard when there are other auction people doing the same thing.

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Derek's Speed Leveling

Derek's Speed Leveling Guide


From the creator of Warcraft Riches, this is Derek's Speed Leveling Guide. This guide is brand new and contains 100% in-game leveling guide using an addon, so you don't have to switch back and forth between the game and the webpage.

This guide is good but like his gold guide, it needs to be more detailed as I found the in-game explaination of how to complete quests a bit short.

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Joanna Horde Guide

Joanna Power Level 1-70 Horde Guide


This was the first ever Horde Leveling Guide on the internet when it came out. Created by Joanna (Mancow) winner of Blizzard power leveling contest a few years ago.

This guide was highly anticipated and was very popular when it first came out due to Joanna's celebrity status. But I find the guide to feel very 'home made' becuase it is a bit messy.

It include's videos of Jonna playing but you'll probably be bored to tears watching it because it doesn't really help much and you can find some examples in youtube.

Other guides such as Ultimatewowguide, iDemise and Zygors are much more polish and they also include a Map Mod . But if you're looking for the first original Horde Leveling guide this is it!.

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Brian Alliance Guide

Brian Kopp's Power Level 1-70 Alliance Guide


Similar to Joanna's guide, this is a comprehensive guide that specializes in power leveling your Alliance character from level 1-70 as fast you can. It features a step-by-step guide with interactive map coordinates for faster navigation.

This is a good guide but I find the website extremely annoying to visit because of their 'fake' live support robot. You will know what I mean when you try to exit the website and ironicaly Brian don't respond to my emails for support.

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WoW Mastery

World of Warcraft Mastery


This ebook is more targeted towards beginners, as many of the tips and tricks would not be useful for veteran players. It's still a good read as some of the general tips and guidelines still apply to the current version of WoW.

They offer a variety of packages, worth a look.

Click HERE to Visit the Web site offers side-by-side comparisons of the top World of Warcraft guides. Ultimate WoW Guide is our #1 pick, as it offers the most updated content, which is very important as blizzard updates the game frequently. This product really does allow you to earn up to 200gold/hour and get the best items to stay competitive.

We wish you all the best on becoming a pro WoW Gamer!

Best Regards
Amy Scott - Editor


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