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World of Warcraft Warrior Class Guide

Warriors are natural leaders of World of Warcraft, always first into battle and taking in the biggest hits.
Warrior are the best Tanks in the game, and they are also the fastest melee class, which makes playing a warrior a fast paced experience.


High Unlimited Damage - Warriors can sustain a constant damage on their opponents because warriors damage are determined by the amount of rage they have which are generated constantly by their melee attacks. This makes warriors extremely useful for a long endurance fight, as other classes are limited by their mana which they will eventually run out. A warrior scale very well with their gear.

Mortal Strike - Mortal Strike provides a 50% healing reduction against their target, this is very powerfully against healing classes because preventing 50% of their healing almost the same as dealing 50% more damage.

High Mobility - Warriors are very fast paced class with their charge and intercept and be the first person in battle. This allows warriors to close in their opponents in an instant and you can do this unlimited number of times every 15seconds makes a warrior a very hard class to escape from.

Movement Slowing - with unlimited hamstring you can reduce any class movement by 50% to prevent them from escaping.

High Armor - Warriors can wear plate armor which is the heaviest armor in the game that provide the highest defense which makes them very strong against melee classes. Warrior also make the best tank in the game for dungeon raiding.

Rage - Warrior becomes more powerful when they are being attacked, as this makes them angry and feed them with more rage to strike back harder to their opponents. this is also their weakness as if no one attacks the warrior their damage will be considerably less.


Vulnerable to Magical damage and no healing - Warriors are Vulnerable to caster classes as they have no ability to escape damage and caster classes can deal 10% more damage top the warrior if the warrior is in berserker stance.

Vulnerable to Crowd Control - Other class like Mage or Druid can control a warrior almost full time, and there's little that a warrior can do to counter this.

No Crowd Control - Warrior's only form of CC is intimidating shout and it is only available once every 3 minutes.

Gear Dependencies - A warrior without the best gear will always be a bad warrior, unlike other classes a warrior requires the best gear to compete well, except to spend a lot of time collecting different set of gear for tanking and damage.



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