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World of Warcraft Warlock Class Guide

Warlocks are one of the strongest class in the game, this is due to their self-healing and unlimited mana nature.


Self Healing - Warlocks are a magical damage class with the ability to heal themselves using talents like 'Drain Life' (a channeled spell that drains opponents life and transferred it back to the warlock) and 'Siphon Life' (a DOT spell that will heal the warlock every time it deals damage to the opponents).

Mana Drain - No mana? no problem! just drain your opponents mana until they are unable to fight back because lack of mana. This is an extremely powerful ability for PVP.

Unlimited Mana - They can also regain their mana by using 'Lifetap' (converts your health into mana) , so this combination of self healing and unlimited mana, makes a class that a lot of players considered too strong.

Instant DOT Spells - A warlock strength is with their instant Damage Over Time spells , Since their spells deal Damage Over Time of around 18 - 20 seconds, a warlock can apply their DOTs spells to many enemies and damage them all at the same time. So the more enemies to apply DOTs the higher the warlocks damage.

Fears - Warlock can cast unlimited fears on their enemies and the enemies can still take damage or drain while under the effects of fear. But fear have a greater chance of stopping early if the enemies are being attacked.

Demonic Pets - Warlocks have the option of up to 4 different type of demon pets, each with its own strength and weaknesses. A warlock's pet is very important to a warlock survivability but pet can also be sacrificed to give the warlock extra bonus.

Curses - Warlock curse abilities are very devastating, like 'Curse of Tongues' can reduce a paladin & shaman healing by around 40%


Low Armor - Cloth armor provide the lowest armor in the game, this makes warlock very vulnerable to melee classes, but with 'Soul Link' talent your pet can absorb partial damage to help with survivability.

Low Mobility - A warlock have no talents or skill that can help them escape root or snare's or run faster. A warlock only option to escape is to fear their opponents or kill them first.

Pet Dependencies - A warlock with no pet is usually a dead warlock, while sacrificing your pet can provide bonus to your damage this leaves you with low defense and can easily die without support.


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