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World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

Shaman are 1 of 3 Hybrid Classes in World of Warcraft that can fulfill up to 3 role in the game depending on gear and talent spec.

Elemental (Caster DPS), Enhancement (Melee DPS), Restoration (Healing)

Any of the above spec is suitable for arena PVP and battleground PVP

General Strengths

Totems - Shamans provide many variety of totems that will instantly buff their party, making them ideal group support class.

Movement Slowing Abilities - By using Frost Shock and Earthbind Totems Shamans can slow other players down to catch up to them or use it to escape their opponents.

Fear Removal - A Shaman's tremor totem can instantly remove all fears in their party.

Fast Travel Form - Using Ghost Wolf shaman can travel 40% faster , but it does not remove movement slowing abilities upon shape shifting,

Watershield - Watershield is a perfect counter to class that have pets as you can get unlimited mana when you receive damage.

High Armor - Even mail armor is not as good as Plate a shaman can hold a shield which can double their armor close to a plate class.

Purge Dispels - Purge is a very powerful spell as you can dispel up to 2 of your opponents buff at the same time, that can effectively disable their skill and abilities.

Poison Dispels - Shaman is one of three classes that can dispel poison useful vs hunters and rogue

Bloodlust - Shamans trademark abilities that can buff everyone in their group increase their attack and casting speed by 30%


Mana Dependencies - Like most hybrid DPS class they require a lot of mana to be able to do DPS, this makes them vulnerable to some mana drain classes.

Totems are easy to kill - Totems are Shaman's trademark abilities but it is easily countered just by hitting them once. Players with pet classes can continuously remove all totems from the game almost completely eliminating shamans from using any totems.


Elemental (Caster DPS) Strength

Highest Burst Spell Damage in the Game - Elemental Shaman have the highest burst damage in the game by activating Elemental Mastery ,Nature Swiftness and Bloodlust the same time. When timed right you can almost kill anyone instantly every 3 minutes.

Weakness - Elemental Shaman cannot DPS effectively while under fire.

Enhancement (Melee DPS) Strength

High Melee DPS - Melee Shaman can do more damage for longer than Elemental shaman and they can DPS while under fire.

Weakness - Melee Shaman are don't have the range as elemental shaman, they are vulnerable to Snare & Root that can prevent them from doing any damage at all.

Restoration (Healing) Strength

Earth Shield - With earth shield shaman can heal themselves or their party whenever they get attacked. This is a unique type of healing ability to Shaman, to utilize this correctly you need to cast Earth Shield in advance before you're too low on HP.

Mana Tide - Mana tide is amazing as it will recover mana for all party members but it can be easily destroyed by your enemies. the trick is to put this totem somewhere hidden where your enemies might not notice.

High Survivability - Restoration shaman can survive under extreme pressure, by having High Armor, Earth Shield and Nature's Guardian talent.





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