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World of Warcraft Rogue Guide

Rogue's have many tricks that can counter just about anything in the game which makes them the best class for 1v1 fights and the number 1 melee class for arena.


Stealth - Rogue is one of two classes that have the ability to stealth, and stealth form is sometime crucial for the rogue to get a head start on their opponent. Rogue's are the strongest stealth class because they can re stealth almost anytime they want by using Vanish.

High Melee DPS - Melee DPS from Rogue is limited only by their energy and combo points. Their DPS is only comparable to their rival melee class Warriors.

Stun Lock - A Rogue trademark ability is to keep their target stunned 90% of the time, A Rogue are the best class to lock down anyone. You'd know when a good Rogue is attacking you, you can do little to fight back because of the number of stun and lock down abilities that a Rogue have. Crippling poison is also the strongest movement slowing ability in the game.

High Dodge rate - Even thou Rogues only wearing a low armor, they have a high Dodge rate so they can still stand toe to toe against other melee classes such as Warriors and beat them 1v1.

Cooldown Abilities - Rogues have many abilities that are on a long cooldown, such as Blind, Sprint, Evasion, Vanish and Cloak of Shadows. This is a lot of tricks that if used at the right time can be devastating to your opponents.

Poisons - This is also bread and butter skill for Rogues, Poisons can be applied to your weapons and provide many abilities like -50% healing debuff, slowing movement to 30% , and Slowing casting speed by 60%.


Low Armor - Even though a Rogue have high defense with Dodge but melee attack will hit a rogue extremely hard because of low armor. A Rogue cannot dodge attacks from behind him as well so melee attacks from behind will always hit a Rogue very hard.

Vulnerable to CC - Just like most melee classes Rogues are Vulnerable to a lot of CC, but its not as bad since you can break CC with Cloak of Shadow , Vanish and Sprint.

Cooldown Dependencies - Once a Rogue have used up all his cooldown's, they can be very Vulnerable Rogue's without cooldown are very easy to control and kill.





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