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World of Warcraft Priest Class Guide

Priest by nature make the best healers in the game for PVE World of Warcraft, because of their ability to Dispel their opponents and their party. This also makes them extremely good in any PVP situations.


Shield and Heal Over Time (HOT) - Priest can save themselves and other players by casting Power Word: Shield to absorb damage, and they have many variety of instant heal and HOT to be able to heal while on the move.

Offensive & Defensive Dispels - Priest are the only class that have Offensive and Defensive dispels, they can dispels all their opponents magic ability like a Shaman's Purge and Dispel themselves and their party from harmful spells and like Paladins.

Mana Burn - Mana burn is what makes a priest very deadly healing class, Priest can mana drain anyone faster than a hunter or warlock. But this requires 1.5s cast time, while hunters can do it instantly, makes hunters better mana drainers in PVP.

Fear - Priest's instant fear is extremely powerful, they can fear everyone close to them allowing them to escape and heal.

Mind Control - THE MOST FUNT ability in the game, you can mind control any Humanoids but unfortunately your priest will have to stand still while using mind control. Fun to mind control your opponents and make them jump off a bridge :).


Low Mobility - Other than fearing their opponents priest have no other way to increase their movement speed or escape slowing effects from melee. But they can dispel most root ability such as frost nova and entangling root.

Low Armor - Wearing cloth makes priests extremely vulnerables to melee but by using shield and instant heal they can survive very well on their own.




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