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World of Warcraft Mage Class Guide

When people think of Mages they think 'Glass Cannon' if you understand the term it meant that they can dish out a lot of damage but they are also extremely fragile. Mages are the most offensive spell damage class in the game but they can also be the easiest to kill if you don't play them right.


High Burst Spell Damage - Mages have a very high burst damage as a spell caster, comparable to elemental shamans. They have many instant cast spell that can deal damage while the mage is on the move.

High Mobility - Mage high mobility comes from the Blink which allows to you to teleport every 15 seconds. And frost nova can prevent any melee from ever touching the mage. This makes mages extremely hard to kill by most melee classes.

Polymorph CC - Another reason its good to be Mage is the ability to polymorph anyone, completely disabling them for up to 10 seconds. Combine this with frost nova a mage can permanently control most melee classes.

Roots with Frost Nova - Frost Nova is extremely powerful as you can root everybody around you in an instant.

Counterspell - This is the most powerful spell interrupt in World of Warcraft because it has the longest duration of 8 seconds, and you can cast it from a range of up to 30yards.

Ice Block - Ice Block is very important for Mages as it gives them 10 seconds of immunity which can save their butt from certain death.


Low Armor - A Mage low armor makes them extremely vulnerable to melee classes, but using talents like frost nova and polymorph and blink you can control the fight to survive.

Mana Dependencies (Limited Damage) - Once a mage is out of mana, they are extremely weak and vulnerable as they can't even blink to save themselves or do any damage. To make a mana last Mage can use Mana Emerald which can restore 2500 mana every 2mins for 3 charges or evocate to restore 60% mana.


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