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World of Warcraft Hunter Class Guide

Hunters are primarily a bow & arrow class accompanied by their pets and a large selections of traps they are one of the most class to play in world of warcraft.


Ranged Attacks - A hunter is a caster worst nightmare because hunter's main damage type is physical range attack, which means a hunter can unload a great deal of damage on casters wearing cloth type armors, and they can do it from a long range.

Mana Drain - Hunter's viper sting is the most powerful mana drain ability in the game, since it is instant and only a few class can remove it. other mana drain class such as warlock and priest do not have the luxury of an instant mana drain like the hunter.

Crowd Control using Traps - Hunter have many different type of traps that he can disperse, you can use freezing trap to lock a target in place for 20second or frost trap that can put a movement slowing effect for a large area for 30second. This is very effective for escaping and controlling your opponents

Pets - A hunter's pet is very important, depending on your spec your pet can increase your overall damage a lot also help interrupt spell casting and be a real nuisance for casters

High Mobility - Hunter's high mobility comes from their ability to stop others from slowing them down, using a variety of abilities like scatter shot, silencing shot, traps, deterrence and surefooted. Hunter can also run 30% faster by using aspect of the cheetah.


Weak at close range and easy to hide from - a hunter at close range deal very little damage, so the best way to deal with a hunter is to stay close to him or hide from him by using a pillar.

Limited Damage - A hunter's damage is always dependent on their mana, this is one of the hunter greatest weakness as without mana all the hunter can do is auto attack. Fortunately hunters can also mana drain their opponent too or else they would not be able to kill anybody if once they're out of mana.




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