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I get a lot email from people requesting some sort arena guide for their characters because some players have a lot of difficulties getting their 1850 or 2000 arena rating to buy their season 3 PVP weapons & shoulders.

and I also get emails requesting for more gold!

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In the mean time I would to provide you guys with general tips on how get a high arena rating faster.

Before we begin lets go through a quick gear check listbecause lets be realistic here, its very hard to reach 1850 rating without lots of Honor items that provides lots of resilience.

* Honor Items - Purchase lots of honor items and get at least 300 resilience, 400 is ideal. Take advantage of Bonus honor weekend and look for a premade team to join

* Enchants - DON'T BE CHEAP! get the best enchants for every single piece of items you have. * Gems - again dont be cheap, invest on getting at least Blue quality gems for all your sockets.

* PVP Talent points - Make sure you are using the best PVP build for your class check out and find the top players in your battlegroup and check out their talent

Once you have done all of the above its time for you to find a suitable partner for your class, to play arena with. So networking and making friends is a good idea or find a PVP guild to join.

As long as you have purchased all your Honor gear you shouldnt have any problem finding a partner.

--- 2v2

2v2 is the fastest way to level up your personal rating but not the easiest. I say its the fastest way because you're more likely to play more 2v2 than 3v3 or 5v5 because you only need 1 other person to be online to play with you.

2v2 at the moment are dominated by a lot of teams with a resto druid or warlock. Becuase of the nature of the class with instant HOT (heal over time) and DOT (damage over time) are easier to play in 2v2.

Hopefull Blizzard will do more with class balance to make it a more fair game. A good site to check out about upcoming updates is

Below are a list of good VIABLE setup for each class the list are from ranked from easiest to hardest eg Warrior are easiest to play with Resto Druid and hardest to play with Holy Paladin, Other setup not listed are simply to hard for the average player to consistently win or simply don't work.

- Warrior & Resto Druid / Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin

- Rogue & Holy Priest / Shadow Priest / Resto Druid / Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin

- Warlock & Resto Druid / Resto Shaman / Holy Priest / Rogue / Holy Paladin / Shadow Priest

- Mage & Rogue / Warlock / Balance Druid

- Holy Priest & Rogue / Warlock / Warrior

- Shadow Priest & Rogue / Warlock

- Resto Druid & Warlock / Warrior / Hunter / Rogue

- Balance Druid & Warlock / Mage

- Resto Shaman & Warlock / Warrior / Rogue

- Holy Paladin & Warlock / Warrior / Hunter / Rogue


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