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World of Warcraft Class Guides

World of Warcraft Druid Guide Druid - Druids are an amazing Hybrid Class that perform up to FOUR role in a group, depending on your gear and talent setup. Healing (Restoration), Tanking (Feral), Melee DPS (Feral), Caster DPS (Balance).
World of Warcraft Hunter Gudie Hunter - Hunters are primarly a bow & arrow class accompanied by their pets and a large selections of traps they are one of the most class to play in world of warcraft.
World of Warcraft Mage Guide Mage - When people think of Mages they think 'Glass Cannon' if you understand the term it meants that they can dish out a lot of damage but they are also extremely fragile. Mages are the most offensive spell damage class in the game but they can also be the easiest to kill if you dont play them right.
World of Warcraft Paladin Guide Paladins - Paladins are a hybrid class which means with the correct gear and talent spec they can fulfill the role of Healing (Holy), Tanking (Protection), and Melee DPS (Retribution)
World of Warcraft Priest Guide Priest - Priest by nature make the best healers in the game for PVE World of Warcraft, becuase of their ability to Dispel their opponents and their party. This also makes them extremely good in any PVP situations.
World of Warcraft Rogue Guide Rogue - Rogue's have many tricks that can counter just about anything in the game which makes them the best class for 1v1 fights and the number 1 melee class for arena.
World of Warcraft Shaman Guide Shaman - Shaman are 1 of 3 Hybrid Classes in World of Wacraft that can fulfill up to 3 role in the game depending on gear and talent spec. Elemental (Caster DPS), Enchancement (Melee DPS), Restoration (Healing)
World of Warcraft Warlock Guide Warlock - Warlocks are one of the strongest class in the game, this is due to their self-healing and unlimited mana nature.
World of Warcraft Warrior Guide Warrior - Warriors are natural leaders of World of Warcraft, always first into battle and taking in the biggest hits. Warrior are the best Tanks in the game, and they are also the fastest melee class, which makes playing a warrior a fast paced experience.




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